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Join Sandy and Joyous Heart for a special "Recode Your Reality" immersive ceremony.

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to experience a special at-home 
3 Hour Immersive Ceremony to support your embodiment of Creator Consciousness.


You are invited to join this private video conference, streaming live from The Temple of Miracles, designed to connect each one of us with our highest timelines for self-actualization and most joyful expression of our unique Organic Signatures.

Humankind is deep in the chrysalis stage of it's evolution. It is essential that each of us aligns with our most organic signature self (essence). This is the key to embodying the Golden Aeon which begins within. Tune inward in this facilitated moment of exploration and expression of the exquisite facet of Divinity you are.

This alignment will lead to a more graceful, joyful and peaceful life experience during this metamorphosis process... the portal to you liberated reality is open, together let's activate our ascension journey.


Creator Consciousness Ceremony includes:

- Holy Breath Experience
- Soul Essence Amplification
- Divine Mother Transmission
- Quantum Tune-up & Clearing
- Filtration Systems Activation 
- Bio-Energetic Upgrades
- 5G Transmutation Filter
- Inner Child Healing

- Karmic Mitigation
- Future Self Merge

This ceremony is for you! 

Dress in whatever feels most relaxed regal to you. Adorn your avatar for ceremony in whatever illumines your exalted self-expression.

We invite you to infuse this experience with your favorite supplements and healing tools/technologies if that is resonance; Please keep it Sacred!

We are offering these transmission at an 80% discount to honor this powerful moment of transformation. The price of $55 is offered to those who will join live in unity in the quantum field on May 1st. The recorded transmission, which will carry all of the Codes, will be available to purchase for $111 at the link below.

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