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Imagine a world where you are thriving, supported and exalted for being the most liberated, sovereign and vibrant expression of you. Leading a life in alignment with you Divine Spark where your deepest joy, purpose and passions are fully expressed.

Golden Codes allows this opportunity to activate your Organic Signature ("OS") while removing all the programs, beliefs and patterns accumulated through familial and societal spells of limitation. These human limitations hold all suffering, disease and disconnection in place. This is why Golden Codes was channeled... to bring you into the core essence of who you are, and remove all that is in the way, in a quantum manner designed to facilitate tangible miracles within a single session.

We start your personal transformation experience by placing you in a custom designed energetic healing chamber where you will receive light body transfusions which prep you for the removal of core wounds, traumas and limiting programming. Golden Codes process removes the triggers, hooks, siphoning energies, plug-ins, implants, contracts and frameworks associated with your core wounds and limiting programs. This prepares you for quantum reality shifts as the root system, which has been holding your unnecessary human limitations in place, is dissolved.


We then design and activate a multi-layered filtration system for you to guard against negative energies, harmful EM frequencies, radiation and lower astral entities. This filter includes a cloaking layer to render you invisible to forces that would seek to cause you harm or feed off your life force. It also aids you in grounding into the schumann resonance field of the earth and in attuning to your unique "OS."

For our crescendo, we customize light infusions and frequency encoded bionic activations to transcend you into a higher embodiment of your awakened state of consciousness and self mastery potential. 

We place you on the crystalline grid of the Golden Aeon frequencies and geometries for maximum harmonization with the emergent paradigm of ascended, sovereign embodiment here on Earth.

Customized Light Body Infusions and bio-energetic System Upgrades available in Golden Codes sessions:

  • 12-Strand DNA Activation

  • Inner Child Healing & Activation

  • 5G Transmutation Filteration System

  • Higher Diamond Heart Activation

  • Sacred Self-Union Activation

  • Divine Union Activation

  • Personal Prosperity Codex Activation

  • DNA Epigenetic Activations & Upgrades

  • Golden Aeon Bio-Circuitry Templating System

My Team and I are honored to serve you!


Sandy Heart

The Golden Process

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