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Recode  Your Reality


golden Codes

The Golden Codes offers you the ability to...

  • Embody and Actualize your Most Liberated, Radiant and Empowered Self

  • Align and Attune Your Morphogenic and Biological Fields (Bioregenesis) 

  • Activate of your Organic Signature ("OS") and Higher States of Your Full Potential

  • Mitigate and Transcend 5G and EM Radiation

  • Transform Core Wounds & Life Blocks

  • Reset and Optimize Your Neurochemistry

  • Accelerate your Prosperity codex 

  • Release of Limiting Beliefs & Patterns

  • Dissolve Your Human Limitations (karmic, ancestral and collectively inherited)




Sandy Heart channeled, created, and alchemized the Golden Codes through her personal healing journey and years of learning from various masters.

Gifted as an intuitive and psychic, Sandy Heart has spent years developing her abilities as a light body engineer,  ascension architect and multi-modality healer. She also serves her community as a liberated lifestyle design specialist and wellness coach.

As an energy alchemist, Sandy is a pure conduit for the celestial realms. Working directly with Divine Mother, she is able to support personal clearing, healing, bio-regenesis and light body activations in a quantum way which enables many years,  and even lifetimes, of work to occur within a single session.

The transmissions Sandy is a conduit for has playfully 
bestowed her with the title "Facilitator of Miracles." 


"WOW! I am not sure what just happened... that was mind-blowing amazing. I want to be at every Golden Codes event there is!"


Gerard Butler

Actor, Producer & Musician

Nothing to book at the moment

How may Sandy serve you?

Allow Sandy and her team to create custom Golden Codes

solutions for you and your family, 

teams and organizations. We look forward to connecting with you.


Ryan Bozajian

Director of Emerging Technology, 

Caerus Capital Management

"I have been fortunate enough to receive private Golden Codes healing sessions as well as having been a part of multiple group events of differing sizes, and across all scales there has been an incredible level of duty of care, commitment to healing, growth, protection and guidance. 

The category of emerging modality that is playing so beautifully through Sandy, Joyous and their team is like a manner of trans-rational shamanism, a kind of subtle-field reprogramming and upgrading from higher frequencies and geometries. The professionalism and love that underwrites this container is extremely powerful. I’m grateful to have experienced the large regal events of magic and beauty, and I’m also very grateful to have received swift support from their team in challenging times. I’ve seen Sandy and Joyous show up for their community time and again, with grace, ease and true dedicated service to the whole.


Lindsay Briner Ph.D

Transformational Counselor & Research Scientist.

Sandy's session's are truly mind blowing, heart opening, and extremely activating in a way that is hard to describe. What she does is so unique and is uncomparable to any technique or modality out there. The activations I received from her dissoolved energetic block and took my mindset to a whole new level. I'm extremely grateful that Sandy is sharing her gifts, if you found her consider yourself fortunate. The best part is, she walks her "talk." Sandy is an embodiment of her transmissions which makes the experience truly authentic. She is in her mastery!


Robin Blazak  

Founder and CEO,

Aspen Entertainment Group

"Most amazing multi-dimensional healing session ever! Exceptional, professional, mind and soul expanding healing experience. Sandy and her team are truly gifted!


Josiah Samadhi

Neurofeedback Specialist, Sound & Theta Healer

"I could instantly instantly feel the quantum grid as I was transported into absolute bliss, rejuvenation and healing on all levels. So grateful for this life transforming experience. 


Seth Quest

CEO, Waterhouse Inc.

"The experience with Sandy was one of the most beautiful guided journeys I've been on, she weaves together many different healing modalities to create something that's nothing short of magical. I highly recommend working with her.


Gabe Nones 

CIO, Machine Halo 

"After hosting and experiencing countless retreats myself, I found myself literally blown away by the Golden Codes experience. The attention to detail and timing of the evening went off immaculately. Even as we entered and were greeted, I instantly knew that I was in good hands. Vegan desserts, an assortment of teas, conversation, and a medley of snacks topped off the main event--a spiritual surgery of sorts. Sandy, Joyous and the team set such a strong intention--to activate our latent potential; buried under trauma and neuroses over the years and lifetimes. With the help of their guidance and healing sounds, in a carefully engineered atmosphere, I found myself opening up and adjusting my neurological self to feel aligned and centered. I write this days later with utmost optimism for the coming weeks and months. I express my gratitude to these lovely beings for their healing hands, words and for their tremendous efforts to undo piles of subconscious tendencies built around preconception. The universe is the Limit! (Or is it?)

Anna van Diermen

I feel immense love and gratitude for Sandy Heart and Golden Codes... it has changed me to the core. She is one of the most powerful healers walking this planet today. We all know that we are on the verge of destroying our beautiful planet. We need to wake up now and that is exactly what Golden Codes does. I feel stronger, physically and mentally and I can sense bullshit from a mile away. Golden Codes brought my true self out. My senses and intuition are sharpened and my brain is clear... and I trust myself so much more. I actually feel that certain dormant DNA has been activated. But most of all, I feel protected from any type of harmful and lower will energies. I highly recommend Golden Codes to anyone and who is truly ready to embark to new dimensions of healing and revealing.

Video Testimonials

Golden Codes - Rose Amaru
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Golden Codes - Rose Amaru

Golden Codes - Rose Amaru

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Golden Codes - Andres Arellano

Golden Codes - Andres Arellano

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