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Recode Your Reality

Quantum Life Upgrade


golden Codes

Imagine a world where you are thriving, acknowledged and supported by your community. Experience activation of your full potential, life purpose and personal liberation. The Golden Codes offers you the ability to embody and actualize this reality.

Golden Coders have the ability to view, interact and transform electro-magnetic fields around and within you. This is combined with the ability to transcend spatial and temporal dimensions to recode various timelines and core aspects of a clients life experience.

In our sessions, we transmute and release core wounds and blocks. For each core wound that is addressed, we dissolve all associated life-limiting imprints, traumas, programs, contracts, siphoning frequencies and negative subconscious programming (request full list of removals).




Sandy Heart channeled, created, and alchemized these profound life-enriching codes through her personal healing journey.

Gifted as an intuitive and psychic, Sandy Heart has spent over a decade developing her abilities as a light body engineer, ascension  architect and multi-modality healer. She is also a talented wellness liberation guide and lifestyle design specialist.

As an energy alchemist, Sandy is a pure conduit for the celestial realms. Working directly with the Divine Mother, she is able to support personal clearing, healing and light body activations in a quantum manner; this enables many years and lifetimes of work to occur within a single session.


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